WHO GETS LEWDED THE MOST? A bunch of beautiful women some of which are easily top tier waifus Those include a mesmerizing and immortal guardian of the cosmos a badass intergalactic bounty hunter that wears a tight catsuit a flirty witch that kicks the asses of angels and demons who is pretty much a BDSM nudist a playful and caring goddess of light with shapely hips and breasts a princess that came from the future to save the past and is protective of her loved ones a cute princess from divine heritage who carries a plece of the Triforce a dragon princess that has two nations fighting over her a snarky but loyal strategist who has a thing for dorks and a nice figure under her robes a fit woman who always thinks about health a energetic cutie tomboy princess and the most recognizable female character in all of video game history some turtle lizard a dog who does paperwork and an underage squid It Really Do Be Like That Sometimes Meme

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