why confined by oath #drama -existential crisis -help them -tfw no gf heckin gay -jazz hands except with a golf club - swears to tell the whole truth and nothing but - brutally honest sinned to get here - messy hair - bet on them but get witness protection -no chill - overuses hashtags - likes gossip - betting on them might big up their ego - sins and criesa lot -good at advice but wont folloW their own advice - stress -maybe bet on them airplane grrrrr YAAAS -can we pretend that airplanes In is anger the night sky are shootin stars - questionable music taste - likes birds and planes - wiping the drama off their shoulders passive aggressive doesnt give a shit if u bet on em feral or not -the one who kisses the ground when getting off a plane super excitable - likes sports solid friend ur guy all bark no bite - likes the outdoors - -wants to fight - life did them wrong probably a lowkey fury -do not bet on them they r - Screaming 99% of time -U CAN BET ON IT BET ON IT BET ON ME!! keithkogaint tag yourself I’m why Meme

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