WHY DETOX? Jon Barron's Natural Detox Program 2 3 4 5 Colon IntestineHeavy Cleanse CleanseMetal Detox Kidney Cleanse Gall Blood Liver Cleanse Bladder Detox Cleanse You may know about different types of water or juice fasting but very few have incorporated the type of full body organ specific cleanse that Jon Barron has designed in this program Although general fasting definitely can improve overall health targeted detoxing takes advantage of certain herbs nutraceuticals and alternative health protocols to greatly accelerate the detoxing and healing process – particularly in regard to specific body systems and-or organs The combined fast with an organ-specific detox offers the most powerful cleansing program for overall health of the body The specific detoxes include the colon detox heavy metal cleanse gallbladder & kidney detox and finally the liver & blood detox specifically in this order I would even include a parasite cleanse to help get rid of the cravings Below see a full list of toxins you can remove from your body and a list of how you can repair each organ with the full detox program πŸ‘‡ Meme

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