Why Do Autistic People Hate Autism Speaks? They don't let autistic people speak There is not a single autistic person in AS's leadership Their only autistic board member resigned in protest last year after his advice went entirely ignored Additionally AS has a history of using legal threats to silence autistic critics speaking over autistic accomplishments and outright stealing thework of autistic writers o The research they fund has literally killed people AS is a large voice in the thoroughly-debunked anti-vaccine movement They have also endorsed treatments like bleach enemas and chelation atreatment for heavy metal poisoning which can strip the calcium from the body Chelation has resulted in at least three known deaths When not supporting harmful treatments they are researching for cure Autistic people don't need acure they need accommodations and acceptance! The awareness they spread is harmful AS speaks of autism as an epidemic and gives voices to parents of autistic children who express a desire to kill their child sometimes in front of that child Given the alarming rate at which autistic people are being murdered by their parents and caregivers this kind of fearmongering andiegitimization is dangerously irresponsible you are actively alienating and harming autistic people For more information and to find out how to really help go to autisticadvocacycom Part 1 -🎀Nainz Meme

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