why don't people believe in GoD? 19 minutes ago Like Comment Ryo Why don't people believe in unicorns?! 101 18 minutes ago Unlike 2 people well cause for starters their not real 17 minutes ago Like Ryoi And you say that based on what grounds sir? 16 minutes ago Like nobody has ever seen onell! 16 minutes ago Like Ryo So you're saying you have to SEE something to lbelieve in it? hmmm 15 minutes ago Like 'm not saying that and anyway if you wanna go there how come no one ever found unicorn bones? 13 minutes ago Like Ryo EHmm Oki Now you're saying you must have PHYSICALEVIDENCE in order to believe in something? What about faith? 11 minutes ago Unlike 1person there's nothing about faith when it comes to unicorns it's something from a children's book for Christ's sake! 10 minutes ago Like Ryo So you're implying that we shouldn't believe in things that only exist in fable books? 9 minutes ago Like YES! and besides that if unicorns REALLY existed some biologist would already have published something about then 6 minutes ago Like Ryo OK Let me recap this one more time You're saying that for someone to believe something exists We must have 1 Factual evidence 2 Physical evidence 3 Scientific evidence 4 All this evidences must come from somewhere other than a book guess now you understand why some people don't believe in god 2 minutes ago Like CW Brown Meme

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