Why is everyone spreading misconceptions I'm sure Felix did research it and I'm gonna agree with this guy sloth_on_meth 3h Moderator - not felix brad or sive Hi Android nerd here This app can NOT possibly monitor you after uninstalling the app That is simply impossible without using some kind of rootkit which would be hard to get past google play protect Apple's AppStore While it is always a good thing to be concerned about user privacy i personally do not believe this app is as much of a danger presented as here I went through their privacy policies and there wasn't much that confused me The only thing that's a little weird they keep a little snippet of your data if you delete your acco explained they use anonimized data to make sure a banned user doesn't try to re count was register I'm not affiliated with them at all btw I'm a volunteer mod and saw this pop up It's difficult to downvote so many Anti Nimses posts memes are ok tho Meme

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