Wifchs Hone RULES OF THE HOUSE Co The only things that get TURNED INTO FROGS the house please unless they are the tadpoles in the garden DO NOT bring spirits into come in a bottle pond That said be nice The only goddess that lives here is me because the neighbors will and she is COMPLETELY talk they already think I'm odd UNDOMESTICATED 2 NO PARKING OF BROOMS OUTSIDE Our house is one of 3 Any dust that collects is considered to be MAGIC SPRINKLES so there's no need 8 harmony NO RAISED VOICES except in laughter and song to remove it Respect the four-legged family members THEY ARE NOT PETS they are familiars DON'T TOUCH OR MOVE ANYTHING that looks 4 as if it might be charmed that includes members of the household A Witch's Brew NO DIVINATION to be is always made in 10 practised without prior a tea pot NOT THE CAULDRON consent Ah ye Meme

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