wiki How to do anything EXPLORE LOG IN MESSAGES EDIT HELP US Home Categories Health Emotional Health Article Edit Discuss About this wikiHow wikiHow to Cope with Emotional Expert Review By Pain MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling Three Methods ■ Taking Action Excavating Your Emotions ■ Seeking Professional Help Community Q&A 203 votes-85% Updated 35 weeks ago Emotional pain is an inevitable part of life Knowing that doesn't seem to make it any easier Click a star to vote Views 821138 Whether the pain is associated with a trauma a loss or a disappointment you must develop a strategy to lessen and manage the struggle By taking action excavating your emotions and seeking professional help you will learn to cope with emotional pain Reader Success Stories Share yours! Hilda Oluchi Igwe Aug 18 2016 HI It really helped at least I tried some of these things when I felt really bad I was so discouraged and didn't more More stories Method Taking Action Meme

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