wikiHaAa A aAaAaAaAaAaAa How To Be Safe General Safety Methods Boxes There are boxes some good some bad but here's the thing no one knows what any box contains Some are massive some can fit on the end of a pin They can appear anywhere at any time Don't approach them and never open one Protecting against tears A malignant tear can appear in your habitat It consumes and ravages until you your property and loved ones are inverted into oblivion They are responsible for many household obliterations every great rotation To minimize risk and help you combat one should it appear always keep an anomalizer in your house The analomizer juice will soothe the tear and once cleared you can look to replace the matter it consumed Avoiding eternity walls Yes they look beautiful You're walking along and suddenly you see this mesmerizing thing reflecting all your dreams and desires directly back at you The low soothing hum it radiates ever tempting you towards it It has a seemingly liquid surface giving the impression that it changes yet there it is an eternal wall Touching have extremely powerful suction and if pressed enough will suck you in What happens once you're through still isn't known an eternal wall is a very dangerous thing to do Seeming harmless at first they Uninvited guests All sorts of entites roam free If one turns up at your door never invite one in Erecting a gate will act as a phychological barrier to them rather than a physical one which is more effective It will for the most part prevent one from entering however nothing can be done if it decides to stay at your door and stare Unsolicited calls Many unsolicited calls come from crepes It's impossible to know exactly what they say as crepes communicate in an indecipherable vernacular When you pick up your device and hear that labored breathing and steady crunching noise it's more than likely to be crepe folk Hang up immediately and bury your device as far away as possible Swooping angles Walking alone is never as safe as not walking alone One problem often encountered is angles looking to state their obtuseness by any means they can The best way to avoid a good swooping is to show yourself as a conformist by positioning your body at an obtuse angle and scuttling off Preparing for the last resort If you find yourself in the face of the ultimate danger and can't disappear you may have to engage for survival Wielding the crystals as a means to obliterate may be your only hope but doing so will show your frame to those who want to steal it Hopefully it won't come to this the consequences of either outcome are beyond comprehension How To Be Safe - An Important Guide Meme

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