wildmuddyrivertranskavka Follow boethiah the philosophy that your body is something separate from your mind and soul a disobedient machine in need of governing rather than one and the same entity as you are is a philosophy designed in the 16th century to serve capitalist interests! release it and accept that your consciousness is also in your fingers and your tummy boethiah we need to say things like listen to your body get in tune with your body because western society is deeply invested in separating the mind from the body in order to force us to work past our natural limits christianity contrived the lie that we as humans are some true self at dwells reluctantly within yet at odds with our bodies in order to force us to work beyond our bodies' natural limits and to disregard our feelings of hunger and exhaustion we're only starting to realize how unnatural and harmful this is and yet we're afraid to accept the natural truth that our bodies and minds are one and the same entity Source boethiah 14691 notes philosophy Meme

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