Will I be robbed? rparis Will I be robbed? selfparis 3 13 comments paris 12 hours ago by ds-unraid Hello just moved to Germany I am going to Paris tomorrow I have no idea what Il be doing but I wanted to setup a time lapse of the Eiffel towerwith myself in front of it Would this be too risky? I envision someone running in and stealing my camera and taking off Or is it relatively safe? Thanks in advance 13 comments sorted by best minsterella 16 points 7 hours ago* Bonjour! I live in Paris right next to the Eiffel Tower and since it's a Sunday I can come help you watch over your camera if you don't mind meeting random people off Reddit haha <p>wholesomeness in rparis via rwholesomememes <a href=httpifttt2Hnax2s>httpifttt2Hnax2s<a><p> Meme

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