willietheshakes Dogs on TV always look so stiff Like they're supposed to be just sitting there but you can tell that the dog is like IlI Am good boylll Am hold position!lI Am look off stage at handlerlll Hi handlerl Ready your finest treats for the good boyll! wickedpissahnerd My favorite are dogs who are supposed to be fierce but are so clearly playing at it Just dubbing in growls can't change that butt-wiggle of I'm doing THE THING and soon P'll get PRAISE and play with MY TOY willietheshakes Yes This too te In the Lion the Witch and the Wardobe movie the one with Tilda Swinton not the BBC one the wolves all have CGI tails Because they're actually Malamute or Huskie crosses and wouldn't stop wagging their goddamn tails all the time because they were so excited to be playing with all these nice people on this nice set with their nice handlers just out of shot holding lots of nice sausage lentilswitheverything systlin I love this <p>This is literally the most wholesome thing I&rsquove seen<p> Meme

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