Wilt Willie Britton 1 year ago Britton Humans Who cares if we pour lava on cockroaches for pure entertainment they'll die anyways and they can't feel pain Alien Overlords Who cares if we pour molten snuglor on hoomins they'll die anyways and they can't feel nůr 15K REPLY View 66 replies v My Tormtillos 8 months ago I heard the first stage of becoming a murder is killing animals for pleasure Tormtillo 33REPLY View 2 replies v Jna Leigh's Beauty Slam 9 months ago Beauty He said nu-cue-lar It's nu-CLE-ar 341 REPLY View 21 replies v Alex Silverstein 11 months ago How does Techrax not edit out someone yelling STOP! They could have easily had a quick gap with no sound I think he must have thought that wasn't a big deal Well it is the guy who is pouring molten lava on cockroaches so not really a big surprise Silverstei 86 REPLY paannah Plas 7 months ago I thought the person scream ing was Ethan 51 REPLY Elina 1 year ago Meme

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