WINE COCKTAILS ROSÉ & SPARKLING WHISKEY BASED JULIETTE I EAT STICKERS ALL THE TIME DUDE Jim Beam Black Lo-Fi gentian amaro Tart Cherry 12 Rosé France 1258 PRIMATERRA Prosecco 1048 WILD CARD VEUVE CLICQUOT YLLOW LABEL Champagne Reims Fr 120 Bulleit Rye balsamic strawberries demerara 12 TIME SIGNATURE OLD FASHIONED Dickel No 8 bourbon cherry syrup bitters 14 WHITE BALLER OLD FASHIONED Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban Amaro Lucano black LES DAUPHINS Cote du Rhone Blanc 1150 walnut bitters 18 ACROBAT TVS PRIVATE SELECT MANHATTAN Pinot Gris 1254 TVS Private Select Maker's Mark FRENZY Carpano Antica Bitters 24 Sauvignon Blanc 1356 GRYPHON CREST MANHATTAN Dickel Rye Sweet Vermouth bitters 12 Riesling 1048 CANNONBALL Chardonnay 1252 HOUSE WHITE 7 SAZERAC Old Overholt Bonded Rye bitters Sugar 12 OTHER SPIRITS CHALK HILL Chardonnay 2014 Sonoma Ca 68 CHAMPION OF THE SUN Vodka apricot lemon honey ginger bitters 11 RED SWEET DEE Ketel 1 Botanicals lemon Aperol simple syrup PURATO sparkling rose water 13 Nero d'Avola 1150 KITTEN MITTENS BOUCHARD AINE ET FILS Pinot Noir 1362 Gin raspberry liquor berries mint lime 13 PLACEBO DOMINGO NIETO SENETINER Mi Campo Reposado tequila pickled fresno simple grapefruit bitters 12 Malbec 1254 PASO CREEK Cabernet 1368 CHARLIE WORK White Rum Thai basil lime sugar HOUSE RED 7 absinthe spray 10 CHATEAU VIEUXCHEVROL Bordeaux 2015 France 86 OLIDAY INN Hennessy VS Benedictine lime grenadine pineapple 14 TEXTBOOK Cabernet 2017 Napa Ca 94 WILSON VINYARDS Merlot 2012 Pa 85 The cocktails at the bar I work at in Philly Meme

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