Winter Seasonal Drinks Bone Apple Tea A bone broth-based apple cider delivering a mild savory bo sweet honeycrisp finish Served with rosemary garnish - 550 Peppermint Mocha Homem textured milk A contemporary classic -5 ade peppermint ganache is blended with espresso and hot Chocolate Coconut Cortadio Like Mounds but with caffeine Dark chocolate ganache sweet coconut and steamed milk douse our house espresso Served warm -4 Vanilla Fig Lassi A frozen winter twist on the traditional indian drink blending warm spices figs and chestnuts It's ahead of its time -6 Mulled Wine Sweet hot and boozy Reduced red wine apple cider and aromatic spices make this seasonal favorite optimally paired with wool socks and icy cold nights -7 Grapefruit Soda Our very own grapefruit soda with freshly squeezed fruit juice and a touch of lime - 375 Raisin- Pecan Tea with Citrus Raisins toasted pecans orange zest and sage with allspice - 325 cinnamon and Meme

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