With 800 offspring 'very sexually active' tortoise saves species from extinction Most Read National She caught her fiance sexually 1 assaulting a bridesmaid police say They got married anyway An inmate's secretly recorded film shows the gruesome reality of life in prison 2 3 Alcoholic Tide Pods' Everyone is very confused about the newest way to drink whisky 4 AUS diplomat's wife killed a British teen in a wrong-way collision police say She claimed immunity and fled the UK 5 You're literally eating microplastics How you can cut down exposure to them Opinion The GOP's bootlicking cowardice knows no bounds Opinion Trump's defense You can't impeach me I impeach you Hostess TWinkies 10 Back Off Motherfuckers That's My Gig CRNTAL IAN FRIDAY TNE 3M I'm James A Janise and Welcome to The Birth Count Meme

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