Within a week of Disneyland's opening on July 17 1955 a brakeman pulled the switch connecting the Disneyland Railroad's main line with a siding at Main Street USA Station too soon as the Retlaw 2 freight train on the siding was passing the Retlaw 1 passenger train stopped at the station on the main line 131 321 The caboose on the end of the freight train had not made it fully across the switch when it was pulled and as a result the caboose's front set of wheels correctly traveled along the siding while the rear set of wheels incorrectly traveled along the main line towards the passenger train causing the caboose to swing to the side before colliding with a concrete slab and derailing upon impact 31 32 During the ensuing commotion the erring brakeman presumably to avoid disciplinary action quietly left the scene of the accident exited the park and was not seen again 131 321 No injuries were reported and by the following year the usage of sidings at stations on the DRR's main line came to an end 33 34 jewish-psyop Multitrack drifting is real and the guy that did it did it at Disneyland and then literally walked away from his entire life to avoid the consequences Meme

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