Woman gave boy 14 drug so she could RAPE him It s AWOMAN whraped a 14-year by MARK BRANAGAN old boy after giving him the anti-anxi ety drug Xanax has been jailed Garrett had learning difficulties and Jamie Garrett slipped the youngstera suffered psychological abuse as a tablet beforwarapingtshe added There hasn't been one The offences took place in August bright spot in the defendant's life so 2016 when Garrett then aged 22 had far save for her relationship with her been drinking smoking cannabis and grandfather And that came at a price es with him n risk when she became a carer taking Xanax herself Before a pingschoolboy Gar Her grandfather has since died leav- rett gave him a tabet to disinhibit ing Garrett now 24 alone She admit- him Sheffield Crown Court was told ted sexual activity with a child and Prosecutor lan Goldsack said Garrett supplying a controlled drug told police she had taken five or six Jailing her for two years and five tablets herself and 'drunk a variety of months Judge Jeremy Richardson QC alcoholic drinks and also smoked can said I take into account there was the te nabis Garrett later told police she had use of drugs trapet the boy You engaged in a variety of sexual acts with the boy You have had a dreadful life and have a range of per- re is named for legal reasons said he was sonal vulnerabilities But you have been prescribed the Xanax by her doc- The boy's mother who cannot be acutely embarrassed' by what had happened Katherine Goddard mitigating said however committed a serious crime Garrett was also placed on the sex offenders' register for ten years darthlampman Just gonna leave these edits here… Meme

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