Women often complain that they are not represented at the tops of highly challenging fields such 391610150 The Truth About Frozen Stefan Molyneux Subscribe 183805 1615569 170912 Like About Share Add to Published on Jun 4 2014 Stefan Molyneux unpacks the truth behind the Walt Disney animated movie Frozen The film tells the story of a princess who sets off on an epic journey alongside a rugged mountain man his loyal pet reindeer and a hapless snowman to find her estranged sister whose icy powers have inadvertently trapped the kingdom Show more Top comments Stefan Molyneux via Google+ 1 month ago I love this You totally kinda ruined frozen for me but i really enjoyed this a lot more than the actual movie And you really got me thinking about a lot Being an attractive young woman I understand what is like to be seen as nothing more than a sex doll I also know what it is like to use that to my advantage to get over the system HELL I even know what it is to suffer mental illness only to be told bu my parents to ignore it HOWEVER despite all of this I feel like I have learned more lessons from everything that has happened in my life Thank you so much for posting this Honestly I want to make a difference in the world and I looked to people like you to sort of guide me in the right direction THANKS SO MUCH Show less Reply 981 Hide replies NewChannelsFTL 1 month ago Did you really just pretend to be a girl in your own comments section? This is beyond hysterical Reply 70 Charmy Char 1 month ago I'm confused did Stef repost this from a private comment or something? Reply 23 Megahypercat 1 month ago No stef you are a man Sorry I think he finally cracked! Reply 33 Jonathan Latkowcer 1 month ago Oh my God Did you actually try to post a fake comment pretending to a be a woman who likes your work? You're beyond pathetic Molyneux Reply 30 misandry-mermaid gayobamafanfiction blorgblorgblorg maxofs2d Hahaha “Men’s Rights” activist and self-proclaimed philosopher Stefan Molyneux pretends to be a woman posting a positive comment on his own video “debunking” Frozen but completely fails at account switching amazing Men do things like this a lot I never want to stop thinking about this Meme

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