wongbal I can't understand why anyone would ever want to live in the Star Wars universe I really can't wongbal your life is uprooted every 20 years in galactic-scale wars caused by a neverending blood feud between two tribes of space wizards wongbal choose your preferred form of government a laughably ineffectual and corrupt bureaucracy b fascist dictatorship controlled by space warlocks c exploitation by evil crime gangster who is probably also a slug there are no other choices sorry wongbal Hey have you heard from Gary? He hasn't answered my emails for weeks Oh yeah his whole planet got blown up by the genocidal cyborg sorcerer who controls our entire military wongbal But Samuel what options am one of the space wizards??? Let's examine your 1 abducted as a baby and raised by monks then die a 35-year-old virgin at 2 hunted down and shot to death by grunts in stupid helmets because 3 go through a goth phase then your eyes get all yucky and one of the 4 end up in a cult led by some evil wrinkled assface in a bathrobe who the hands of a goddamn robot with tuberculosis space wizards are illegal right now again monks finds you and cuts your head off shoots lightning at you when he's mad wongbal Also most of the wildlife seems to be ravenous carnivores with tentacles andor 6-inch teeth and every urban area has roughly 6942 assassins per square kilometer Meme

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