wordshakerofgallifrey terraform-titan When was in 8th grade a friend of mine and I were fucking around during our study period and he accidentally stabbed me in the arm with a pencil and the pencil was partially stuck in my arm but I was really shy in social situations so l just raised my hand and waited for the teacher to notice which took about five minutes so when he finally asked me what I neededl said TJ accidentally stabbed me with a pencil a few minutes ago and now it's hanging out of my arm can l gosee the nurse? He freaked out and yelled OH MY GOD SEBASTIAN WHYDIDNT YOUTELLMERIGHTAWAY? AndI said right back please don't yell at me I have a pencil in my arm if anyone is yelling it should beme and that sums up my attitude and personality fairly well tbh Okay but this friend of mine literally caught on fire in the middle of lab once and He just calmly tried to blow it out and when it got bigger he looks at the teacher and voice completely devoid of emotion saidMrs Grau I'm on fire You and my friend should meet i got a dog and like wow Meme

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