Work Work Worlk On about this date in 1801 Britain's first census was begun In a subsequent survey conducted in 1881 residents were asked to furnish their rank profession or occupation Some of the more puzzling responses as preserved by the London Genealogical Society included Colourist of artificial fish Emasculator Knight of the Thimble Sampler of drugs Disinfector of railways Examiner of underclothing Drowner Fatuous pauper Invisible net maker Electric bath attendant Count as female Fish-bender Proprietor of midgets Goldfish-catcher Fifty-two years an imbecile Cow-banger Knocker-up of workpeople Running about Maker of sand views Grape-dryer Beef twister Random waller Gymnast to house painter Turnip shepherd bead-bead pitcherplant Tag yourself I’m ‘sampler of drugs’ Oh my I’m wondering if “Examiner of underclothing” was equivalent to “Distributor of Mustache Rides” back in 1801 Meme

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