worst times Learning more about BiCI knew it was a long-term play and kept buying no matter what Today l finally broke the 10 mark and am super excited I have been educating friends and family about BTC helping some get started as well I genuinely we will see greater adoption and 4k for 1 BTC is a great deal For those out there that are still chipping away good luck it sure feels good to see a whole number in my portfolio 729289 Share SINGLE COMMENT THREAD VIEW ALL KopalaTheSilver3d educated friends and family this proves btc is a pyramid scheme and you all are sheep never bring ur friends and family into a high risk such as btc unless u want the price to go up by spreadino like a pyramid scheme ofc You've been temporarily banned fro Bitcoin 41m You have been temporarily banned fr participating in rBitcoin This ban wi last for 365 days You can still view ar subscrihe to rRitcoin but vou won't did that hit RIGHT in the truth? Meme

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