Wow Adoptive parents of Ethiopian girl found guilty of letting her starve dailymailcouk godpenis teamrocketing strangeasanjles tashabilities White people should be banned from adopting transracially Kenya has approved an indefinite ban on adoption by foreigners This needs to spread like wildfire…White people using Black and Brown children as disposable pretentious props has got to stop some facts to go with this post the young girl who died is called Hana Williams her adoptive parents were Christians who adopted seven children and raised them with extremely hard punishments based on a Christian child raising book Hana died after being denied food and being shut out in the yard as a punishment This isn’t just about “white people” it’s about white Christian Americans An important distinction to make in this case Also important The Kenyan adoption ban was in response to human trafficking and not connected to problems in transracial adoption cases last comment is important Meme

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