Writing Letering @FemmeAndroid llustration wanmek Bodies Six monthS since the move My place is a dump but its all can afford and it's got room for my lab I'm managing to keep my head above water There weren't a lot of people interested in spending their credits on synth mods where I grew up Turns out there aren't a lot of non-military willing to spend creds in the city either When you have one of my mods make custom synth mods The type that make music on the fly based on your actions VESA SYNT MO 730-EsA WZZARD HE BELOW PLEASE NOURIE B C09 l52 SALE! the soundtrack of your life stays in tune with your body Still l've managed to find a couple cyberfeeder clients And then there was me And there was the competitive swimmer I built myself a synthpop mod that keeps rhythm with my steps I just finished it I'm hoping it will keep me from losing my nerve before my first date since moving to the city There was the retired executive who commissioned me to build him an improvised Bach concerto that calms him when the mod detects high levels of stress Whose mod plays techno slightly faster than the pace of his stroke pushing him to swim faster To read more of Bodies you can find it on Tapas Webtoons or on my Twitter @FemmeAndroid! 2 Bodies - The Apartment OC Meme

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