writing-prompt-s A dating service where matching is based on people's search history exists You're a serial killer You go on a date with a writer endreams-s Serial Killer metaphorically if you were to kill someone how would you do it? Writer Air shot between the toes it'll look like a heart attack Serial Killer who is obviously in love already *sucks in a breath* ok fangoddess817 Writer how long would it take to die if you were to potentially stab someone in the guts Serial killer anywhere from 2 to 30 minutes Writer already bringing a ring out *shaking* thanks infinityonthot A++ addition tetsuskitten Writer *shows the serial killer the murder scene they're writing* babe i'm not sure if this would actually work? Serial killer *kisses writer on the forehead and leaves comes back later a suspicious scent of blood coming off them* it works baby you're doing great Match made in hell Meme

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