writing-prompt-s You're an ancient Greek man coming home from 4 months of war to find your wife 3 months pregnant Now you've embarked on a solemn quest to punch Zeus in the face hemdoggydog Soon after you begin your quest you encounter another man in a similar situation You decide to join forces as two mortal men stand a better chance at punching Zeus than one Two villages over you encounter a woman who had relations with Zeus and was left with a highly aggressive half-boar half-man offspring She too feels your anger and offers to join your quest By the time you reach Mount Olympus you've amassed a large and formidable army of cuckoldedravished mortals demigods with daddy issues mythical creatures with scores to settle and a seamstress who you're pretty sure is Hera in disguise Zeus never stood a chance deadcatwithaflamethrower I wanna read this book I’d read that book too tbh Meme

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