wumblr tesla cars share what they learn from their drivers with other tesla cars therefore if one tesla owner practices drifting the bay area roads are gonna get pretty weird up until they patch the software wumblr bringing this back to point out that besides simply entrapping a smartcar in a circle of salt a small but determined group of tesla owners could ritualistically introduce entirely new road symbols into the cars brainstem by piloting them in some distant secluded location and repeatedly and consistently interacting with them in manual mode until the car begins to accept them and automate the desired interaction with the new symbol once new symbols are activated you could place them in areas with high smartcar traffic and thus manipulate the technology at will without affecting any traditional vehicles wumblr here's the million dollar question can you train a self-teaching system to disable manual override as a response to a road symbol? Source wumblr 10 notes Teachings Teslas Treachery Meme

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