X QIn JavaScript how do I read a loc Todo Tracker X X quoracomIn-JavaScript-how-do-l-read-a-local-JSON-file Quora Q Search for questions people and topics Sign In environment we're talking about JavaScript now runs client- and server-side Client side JavaScript is mostly found in browsers Chrome Firefox Safari and IE Server side JavaScript is primarily nodejsInnlf you are talking about reading JSON from a local file system this can be done only with server side JavaScript ie nodejs using the fs module If you are talking about reading a local JSON file from client side JavaScript then this is not possible because of security concerns You can however issue an 'xhr request from the client to any server side language which will read the file and return a response to the clientnnOn the other hand if you meant parsing the JSON file after it's been read then callinglnn* *nnvar jsonObj JSONparsefileContentnn* *nnWorks on both client- and server-side js upvoteCount 1 url httpswwwquoracomIn-JavaScript-how-do-l-read-a-local-JSON-file#ans99229092 @type Answer author @type Person image httpsqphfsquoracdnnetmain-thumb-82962004-100- jvzsmncjaxfuxvizarwoykzandglvahjjpeg name Stephen Hardeo url httpswwwquoracomprofileStephen-Hardeo dateCreated 2016-09-08T004016+0000 text An easy way would be to link your local json file in the web siteInncodencodeThen refer to it in JavaScript on your pageInncodevar tData JSONparseLOCALFILE ncode upvoteCount 10 url httpswwwquoracomln-JavaScript-how-do-l-read-a-local-JSON-file #ans27533933 @type Answer author @type Person image httpsqphfsquoracdnnetmain-thumb-198886353-100-hbfkpmibgbulokbeipwyxnhhuzqxdisjjpeg name Olivia Benier url httpswwwquoracomprofileOlivia-Benier dateCreated 2016-09-10TO02341+0000 text Pretty easilyInnlf your using jQuery you can do the followingInncodeSajax f url thepath method GETVnsuccessfunction response In var json $parseJSON response n n cOde upvoteCount 3 url httpswwwquoracomln- JavaScript-how-do-l-read-a-local-JSON-file# ans27629123 @type Answer author @type Person image httpsqphfsquoracdnnetmain-thumb-7330450-100-fmtcxjvxaduklmfumtykgikdfkphhkscjpeg name Arun Kumar url httpswwwquoracomprofileArun-Kumar-74 dateCreated 2017-07-05T161754+0000 text Check this example using pure JavaScript httpswwwencodednacomjavascriptpopulate-json-data-to-html-table-using-javascripthtm JnlnAlternatively you can use jQuery getJSON method httpapijquerycomjquerygetjson For exampleInncode$getJSONsamplejson function data n $eachdata function index value n consolelogvalueIn nncodethis is very simple You can later push the values inside an array and use the data for a variety of ways such as convert the data into an HTML table httpswwwencodednacomjqueryread-json-file-push-data-into-array-and-convert-to-html-table-using-jqueryhtm upvoteCount 8 url httpswwwquoracomIn-JavaScript-how-do-l-read-a-local-JSON-file#ans49525220 @type Answer author @type Person image httpsqphfsquoracdnnetmain-thumb-163163247-100-sgvreqjwnwtwpzhtqtwllgfpmtqpzviujpeg name Ethan Simons url httpswwwquoracomprofileEthan-Simons dateCreated 2017-03-28T180912+0000 text A JSON file is JavaScript so you can treat it as an object As shown on JSON Introduction httpswwww3schoolscomjsjs_json_introasp nncodennnn Convert a Java Script object into a J SON string and send it to the server nnnnnncOde upvoteCount 0 url httpsswwwquoracomIn-JavaScript-how-do-l-read-a-local-JSON-file#ans40314168 @type Answer author @type Person image httpsqphfsquoracdnnetmain-thumb-10779080-100- nZiuZoEHkZTNrEIVITJtKGXku5WGdDdRjpeg name Rahul Kadyan url httpswwwquoracomprofileRahul-Kadyan dateCreated 2016-09-08T041718+0000 text A JSON reader utility class nncodeclass JSONReader fIn constructorcompleted null In thisonCompleted completedVIn thisresult undefinedIntthisinput documentcreateElement'input'In thisinputtype 'file' In thisinputaccept = 'textjsonlapplicationjson'In thisinputaddEventListenerchange' thisonChangebindthis falsen thisinputstyledisplay 'none' In documentbodyappendChildthisinput In thisinputclickIn nn destroy In thisinputremoveEventListener'change' thisonChangebind this falseIn documentbodyremoveChild thisinput n nn onChangeevent ntif eventtargetfileslength 0 n thisreadJSONeventtargetfiles0n n nn readJSONfile n const reader new FileReader n readeronload event In if eventtargetreadyState = 2 n thisresult JSONparsereaderresult In if typeof thisonCompleted nncodeUsagenncodeJSONReaderreadresult > n consolelogresult nnnconst reader new JSONReaderresult > n consolelogresultn ncode upvoteCount 2 url httpswwwquoracomIn-JavaScript-how-do-l-read-a-local-JSON- file#ans27539806 @type Answer author @type Person image httpsqphfsquoracdnnetmain-thumb-2532560-100-k09OPsPhGRCsRLt3vQF4VwYUoovUzdnQ jpeg name Alexandre Morgaut url httpswwwquoracomprofileAlexandre- Morgaut dateCreated 2019-03-13T140130+0000 text There at least 2 types of JavaScript contexts Server & BrowserInnlf your JavaScript is running on Nodejs then all you need is code requirecodenncodeconst json = requirejsonFilePath ncodelf the JSON file has a code Jjsoncode extension code requirecode will automatically parse the JSON and generate the related JavaScript Objectinnn> cf Nodejs modules_requireid Documentation httpsnodejsorgapimoduleshtml#modules_require_id JInOther server-side JavaScript environment will provide at the very least a File reader APl after which you be able to call code JSONparsecodennlf your JavaScript is running in a Browser you should be able to use the HTML5 File API httpsdevelopermozillaorgen-USdocsWebAPlFile nnOf course for obvious security reasons you will not be able as a WebsiteWebApp to open any file you want from the user file system But you will be able to open files provided by the user or previously created by yourself in a specific sandbox nnYou will first need to retrieve a File object which can be done usingInn * an element In-> the user will be invited to select one or more files to openln * the Drag and Drop httpsdevelopermozillaorgen-USdocsWebAPIHTML_Drag_and_Drop_APIFile_drag_and_drop HTML5 API In-> the user will be invited to drag & drop a file to a specific drop zonen * the FileSystem httpsdevelopermozillaorgen-USdocsWebAPlFileSystem HTML5 APIIn-> your app will be able to open JSON files you previously created in your dedicated local Filesystem nthis API still in Draft state not supported by Safari & IE but supported by Chrome Edge Firefox & OperaInLetlu2019s start with the most simple a basic HTML Code Meme

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