X rsabaton Posted by uKnightSGC 7d + JOIN Knight SGC's Account Termination Hey there it's Knight SGC A lot of you may or may not know me from making a lot of Sabaton videos on Youtube There is no easy way to say this but earlier today my account got terminated for violating the community guidelines for hate speech This is a claim in which I found very wrong and fraudulent my videos never or hatred engaged in discrimination historically as most of my content was as based music videos The sabaton videos I have posted had no If history is now considered hate speech' we truly live in troubling times There were videos that I could think off that were political leanings what so ever only 2 politically motivated but they weren't taken down before the termination and didn't violate any of the community guidelines There were 4 videos that got placed in restrictive mode one which was the Sabaton Ghost Division Video and the other The Last Battle There were two other videos Share 80 38 Add a comment > Wanted to tell something to my fellow 9 years olds Basically Knight SGC a youtube channel with 400000 subs was terminated out of nowhere due to Hate Speech for everyone who dont know this guy makes Music videos of sabaton songs with Video supporting the history behind it Meme

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