X50 gNINMI8 RMO COPLEY CONDC filteredred fuzzballsheltiepants What happens when veterinary radiologist Andrew Minyard’s attempt to get some pad thai and some sleep gets interrupted by a an alley fight and a stabbing? Naturally he brings the uninsured victim to his clinic to get stitched up Read the full story if you want a generous helping of smart-mouthed Neil and reluctant hero Andrew Written for a prompt by @filteredred as a gift for guessing my AFTG Remix fic correctly! Squealing! This is so good!! HWorth every minute @fallingin-like and I spent reading fics and analyzing them on a spread sheet! Haha - we are such nerds! This is so clever and fun! OMG they are both so grumpy - who else in the world could fall for either one of them? But together - magic One of my favorite meet ugly fics and certainly my favorite meet stabby! Thanks so much for all the writing you do for our fandom and for this gem 💖 Meme

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