Xavier Halcyon I'm a big bearded pierced and tattooed death metal fan that has made most of my living as a bouncer personal bodyguard and trucker I'll fix the car and kill what I eat for dinner So if you think for one second I'm going to sit throughFrozen Aladdin and the Little fuckin' Mermaid with a preschool girl dressed as a Disney princess then you're absolutely correct because Disney is amazing and I take my role as a dad seriously I'm probably wearing a tiara as well with a kilt as my dress because if anyone has a problem with that I'm going to let it go because it's a whole new world under the motherfucking sea and my child's happy memories are more important than any snob nosed bullshit spewing forth from your face hole just because you're a boring soulless douchebucket that lost your magic 059 729 Haha Reply 1d Edited This badass dads response to Disney haters Meme

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