xurious @xuriousmusic My entire YouTube channel has been banned for Hate Speech today Instrumental electronic music is Hate Speech now apparently #YouTube #Censorship #clownworld We'd like to inform you that due to repeated Unable to access a G Guidelines httpswwwyoutubecomtcomm Xurious Music has been suspended If you've been redirected to this page from a parti been suspended Read on for more information After review we determined that activity in yo Guidelines which state that hate speech is n Your access to this Google product has been sus Terms of Service or product-specific Terms of homepage of each Google product you're interest means content that promotes hatred or violer group race or ethnic origin religion disability orientationgender identity Google reserves the right to Disable an account for investigation Please be aware that you are prohibited from other YouTube accounts For more informati our Community Guidelines are enforced ple Suspend a Google Account user from accessin the Terms of Service or product-specific policie Terminate an account at any time for any reas If you would like to appeal the suspension pl Next steps for suspended accounts If you believe us Help guys I got censored by those commies at YouTube HQ! - Not Fascist Meme

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