y 13m LIKE Repiy 4m Like Reply on Fan And then there's human females who dont' know what that is 'feelin yourself But if you're wearing makeup to look like someone else is that true? WANT to mate and spent a ton of money on makeup and clothes to show off their long legs and nursing glands but if they don't like the one hitting on them they get really cranky I think men today see a certain hypocrisy between what women DO and what they SAY 9m Like Reply Maybe Not All Men But Definitely This One The most curious thing to me is how silent women are towards 5m Like Reply women who choose to look and act like sex objects And men too especially related to how their own daughters behave before and after adolescence with the attractive selfies etc are you trolling for a mate? The only ones who seem credible are arab women and Catholic nuns 2m Like Reply who have no problem covering themselves up ox Maybe I'm just feelin myself? Just now Like Reply 1m Like Reply GIF Write a comment GIF A My cousin posted a selfie of just her face and some guy felt the need to comment with this mess Meme

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