Y EAKFAST CROWN BREAKFAST 269 gf option Sausages bacon tomato mushrooms hash browns spinach tomato relish choice of eggs & toast THE BREAKFAST BURGER 23 Bacon tomato cheddar cheese fried egg tomato relish herb mayo & BBQ sauce hash brown in a toasted bun& side of onion rings NASI GORENG 195 gf option + vegan option Stir fried jasmine rice red & greencabbage Spanish onion Shredded carrots & broccoli bacon bites topped w a tried egg Spring onion dried shallots & roasted peanuts Vegan swap Bacon Bites for Vegan Chicken 215 WAFFLE 99 gf option Maple syrup THE OBAMA WAFFLE 189 gf Ca Spiced crispy fried chicken thigh chilli maple syrup waffle with crème fraiche BANANA SPLIT WAFFLE 189 gf Banana ice cream cream & caramel sauce NAUGHTY WAFFLE 189 gf Strawberries warm chocolate sauce & whipped Chantilly Cream BERRY BRIANNA WAFFLE 215 gf ind barrios drizzled with homemade lemon curd Little bit suspicious Meme

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