YAHOO! ANSWERS a My son keeps talking about dank memes Is that some kind of drug?!? I overheard my son talking to his internet friends about the dank memes Since I know from the nightly news that the kids these days have all kinds of wacky slang for the drugs I immediately bust into his room and started shouting at him asking where his dank meme drugs are He acted all confused which made me think he was high on the dank memes right now so I checked if his pupils are dilating Everything seemed fine but I knew better so l suplexed his computer and grounded him for a year on the spot At this point he was sobbing uncontrollably and telling me that dank memes were just pictures of some sad green frog or something That's when it was pretty much sealed in my mind that he was high off his gourds I'm arranging to send him to rehab for his dank meme addiction as I write this Did I do the right thing or was I too easy on him'? Yum yum yum yum Meme

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