y'all don't read what happens for folks inside prisons jails and detention centers during power outages? I'm assuming they rely on generators? @anthoknees · 1h 27 11 59 y'all don't read @anthoknees fuck Los Angeles Times Weeklong power outage at New York federal jail leaves inmates without heat or light in the cold Feb 2 2019 · The Federal Bureau of Prisons said Saturday that work to restore power to a detention center in New York City where inmates have E The New York Times O No Heat for Days at a Jail in Brooklyn Where Hundreds of Inmates Are Sick and 'Frantic' Feb 1 2019 · More than a thousand inmates at a federal jail in Brooklyn are in an email that the building experienced a partial power outage on Vice > en_us article > what-happe When My Prison Lost Power It Was Like 'The Purge' in Real Life - VICE Apr 19 2018 · It turned out that some electrical wiring caught fire outside the prison fence-line We heard that it shouldn't take the power company any more galaxianbitch galaxianbitch fatehbaz quiteliterallyhotsauce Yup Just like when Texas has all that flooding and didn’t evacuate the prisons imprisoned people are also abandoned to sit in cells and drown during hurricanes when floodwaters inundate the prison And then there was Katrina I’m posting this cause so many of us followed Katrina minute by minute but so few people knew about this Fuuuuuuuuck Meme

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