yashLiwarian eyashuwariau Roger Smith I year ago Nows they all feel like distant memories in Seeing these eerie and somber shots of the this sequence as if none of it mattered and city my mind just starts racing back to So nothing will ever again be as it was Each shot many little moments throughout the show is so empty and desolate gloomy almost lonely So many scenes in King's Landing where theEverything is fractured Both the beloved atmosphere was once so rife with activity and despised players that once populated this and character drama and tense and funny conversations So many things that seemed now scattered or dead the politics and power important at the time From Ned arriving in struggles are no more even the civilians seem the summer weather to the verbal sparing fewer and resigned to the way of things And matches between the power players to Neds now with Jamie aone too everything feels place and breathed so much energy into it are execution to the peasant riot against Joffre cold and diístant fittingly enough with Cersei to the Battle of Blackwater Margery minglin with the commoners in flea bottom Tyrion's trial the Faith Militant the weddings and the feasts and jousts All of it on the throne She's the only one left still clinging to the damn chair and what it once represented And yet winter is truly here whether she likes it or not Someone had a really beautiful and heart-wrecking description about that last Snowy shot of Kings Landing in 7x07 which I wanted to share with you all Folks Winter Is Here Meme

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