Yes a mere half year ago T was a Black Belt! Quite the transformation wouldn't you say? transladyknight transsystem gaylor-moon nazerine radioactive-moth lonesecretmemer sulkylass auldlangespeon sulkylass cubeybooby internetsensationjakesurname apparently i found a canon trans lady in the battle maison cute!! don’t black belt women exist tho black belts are an all-male trainer class within the game OH duh right i took this complete out of context it’s pokemon Reasons I love X and Y This is just a mis-translation you fuck heads I hate to break your bubble but no it’s not In Japanese she says 半年前はカラテおうだったのに医学の力ってスゲーよね! which literally means “To think I was a Black Belt just half a year ago Modern medicine sure is amazing!” as an extra bonus Black Belts are referred to in Japanese as カラテおう which means “karate king” and is explicitly male tldr keep your stupid transphobic assumptions to yourself moron OH LOOK MY FAVORITE POST httpsbulbapediabulbagardennetwikiBeauty_Trainer_class#Trivia I love her Meme

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