yes my girlfriend plays video games yes she's an all mine I was dating a long fingered girl in my sophomore of Highschool she had noodle hands she could make em stretch She was a cheerleader in our schools football team Always gave me quick handjobs in the school parking lot as she used her other hand to scroll through IG She was talented af Truly wanted to make her a single mother I invited her over to my house one night cause I wanted to get to know her better She comes over and wants to eat I make some ramen noodles and cheetos sandwiches My own personal recipe She eats it and wants to play games We start making out I start tickling her bootyhole to turn her on It's working she tells me she wanna play my flute I was taking long af to nut She got tired and went to grab a water I rolled over on my bed and saw ramen and hot cheetos spot on my bed Realized she shit on my bed Left that apartment Came back a week later Burned the mattress and threw it in a lake Realized I need to stop doing weird things with weird girls Went to bootyhole Anonymous and got cured Meme

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