Yesyou can afford Isagenix! Shared from another incredible person about her journey that started a year ago! I started my Isagenix journey in May I'm very diligent about my finances and was worried about the cost of the program I decided to track my finances during my journey I wanted to hold myself accountable so new healthy journey impacted my previous spending patterns Each week I placed money in a jar from the changes in my spending patterns as a result of Isagenix Here is what I discovered I kept a jar to see how my I can afford what I choose to afford I spent less weekly at Starbuck's I avoid impulse food purchases that were not healthy satisfying or I spent less eating out I still enjoyed eating out with friends but made wiser choices I spent less at the grocery store I wasted less food I no longer felt stuck in my own skin BONUS- I counted the money in my jar on - $169200 and I maintained my Autoship every month Now I can use this forced savings for something fun and rewarding! Saying yes to my health was the best decision! Yes you can invest in yourself! Saw this while I was scrolling through Facebook Get this MLM bullshit out my timeline Meme

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