Yesterday 145p CinchShare What's THE SCARIEST ingredient in vaccines in your opinion? For me Human DNA from the opposite sex I can't imagine injecting female DNA into my boys 111 Like Comment Share 08 121 19 shares Makes you wonder if this might add to all the craziness of transgender people! Like Reply 20 Yesterday at 148pm Yep!! Like Reply Yesterday at 215pm Like Reply O2 Yesterday at 441pm Like Reply 。1 Yesterday at 512pm Yes there has been studies on this There have been studies? Really? Makes sense that if you put the DNA of the opposite sex into a baby that might pretty well screw something up For EVERY action there is a consequence Man is such an arrogant and stupic animal Like Reply6 Yesterday at 515pm Editecd neshtasplace sogay4rey neshtasplace pyomorphic bogleech the latest evil secret of vaccines mutant transgender potion not my screenshot I never would have protected these names I’m fucking screaming these people couldn’t have passed a high school freshman biology course opposite sex dna asdfghjk they really don’t know about chromosomes The last one saying man is such and ignorant and stupid animal…yeah yeah kind of if you keep saying stupid shit like that Vaccinate your kids against becoming cis The WORST fate imaginable! Meme

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