Yesterday at 1029 AM So some of you might know that I worship Satan I don't worship him as a power in the universe but as the serpent of the garden of eden that caused Adam and Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge Also I believe in hell and believe l go there after my life is over Basically some of you also might know that I have been in many group homes and mental hospitals in the past When I was sixteen I met another satanist in a hospital and he told me that he burned many holy bibles One day when I was nineteen I decided I would burn one of mine A couple hours later I was greeted by many serpents and demons A couple days ago I decided l'd burn another one I started a fire and burned it I have yet to be contacted by demons but the morning after I woke up and there was a new and unopened bible sitting under my pillow Wtf 4 Comments Like Comment Share Love the Lord for he is good I don't mean to offend anyone or disappoint my family but I can't hold Jesus in my mind I don't know why but every time l try I fall away within a couple of days and go back to thoughts and beliefs Sometimes it's like no I don't wa See More Like Reply 1d Dear Heavenly Father please send your Angels oveto guard him from Satan's evil power Please cove with your love and peace so that his heart may once again know you as his Lord and Savior In your name Amen and Amen “I worship Satan” Meme

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