Yesterday at 1117 AM It is being said that Lucifer is getting into some of the Churches Masquerading not be Decieved I'm learning a lot of stuff I am struggling with right very possible & Very Scary Make sure U Keep Your Connection with The Heavenly Father Through JESUS as the Heavenly Father? Do seeing how this is now &l am & ask Him To Show U if U Need To SEE Etc 2 Like Share Comment Paige Lane Yesterday at 1101 AM The Pope & The Queen showed up when they actually In The Tunnel I didn't realize this was such a Long Ceremony I just first thing when it first opened Tons of videos Do Not Be Deceived Now I'm finding out they are Directly Related To CERN Yikes! were saw some UNBELIEVABLE stuff YOUTUBECOM Full Bizarre Demonic Gotthard Tunnel Opening Ceremony Satan This is the complete NWO satanic tunnel opening ceremony at the Gotthard tunn 9+ 11 More rants from my relative who believed the Pope is demonic and so is CERN apparently And on and on etc Meme

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