Yesterday at 1206 PM Just putting this out there to give all the self righteous leftists pc pansy do gooders a taste of their own medicine I want to say it loudly and proudly that I am a White Heterosexual Christian Meat eating Australian citizen by descent Immigrant yet a true blue Australian I reserve the right to have my own feelings and opinions regardless of yours To be treated equally and fairly without being labeled as a homophobic whateverobic you come up with next I demand the same respect that the Coloured Gay or Alphabet peeps insert religion or lack thereof Vegan Indigenous and all the just plain unAustralians keep demanding from me All you self entitled narcissists can shove your labels and pc correctness where the sun don't shine Get over yourselves We are all humans We all need somewhere to live on this planet No skin colour is more important than another We DO NOT all need to like or agree with another persons sexuality religion culture opinions or lifestyles We ARE absolutely entitled to personal feelings and opinions even if it hurts or offends another persons That is the REAL meaning of diversity Putting labels on people accusations of discrimination or vilifying them for not being accepting of absolutely everything doesn't do the world any good racist xenophobic islamaphobic my favorite part is that she thinks the suffix is obic instead of phobic Meme

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