Yesterday at 2233 This is why I'm single I treat guys with respect Try to help them achieve their life goals Never cheat on them or say mean toxic things to them Legit this is why I'm single I know full well gotta treat them mean to keep them keen but I just would never treat other people bad enough added 14 new photos 1 Jun at 0417 NORMALIZING ASININE AND ABUSIVE BEHAVIOR IS SO EPIC I hope these ppl rot he still wanted you? Tried to stab him Beat him w a fring pan broke his ps4 tore up his shoes O3 176 last Sat Like 115 176 1K Beat him with a broombleached his clothes Ran him off the road last Sat Like 64 last Sat Like DD 79 FaceTimed him while I was Hacked all his social media Lynet Hacked all his social media Emailed his professors from his email address and cursed them Stole all his weed he was a dealer so around 10 ounces Broke his Ps3 shot out his car windows and tires cut up his last Sat Like D3 102 out favorite shoes and stabbed him he still wan 001320 1 ast Sat Like 117 Tore his credit up View previous reply She's not bad enough so no one wants her Meme

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