yikes @baaoslut There is no other proper way to make a gross man go away AT&T 914 PM @ 75% El AT&T 914 PM @ * 75%- s i AT&T 914 PM @ * 75%- i AT&T 9 16 PM daniel6460 daniel6460 daniel6460 daniel6460 Okay removes blindfold kises you long and hard Your hot as fuck girl This is my friend shrek kisses back Dam not gunna even reply Wat You like that baby girl? takes off your cloths Thanks oouble tap to le Shrek screams WHAT RUDOIN IN MY SWAMP You welcome baby girl knock on door but wait I want to bring in my friend is that okay??!! Ok MmMm get hard just thinkin about it You sex chat? blindfolds you then brings my friend in' Sorry if I made you mad Sure! But only if we can role play! friend slowly kisses you Ok we can Reply kises back Good Bitch Would you like to take your blindfold off now?? Damn your not going to even reply??? leads u to my room* Yes baby Write a message E O O Write a message B O Write a message O Write a message SORRY THIS IS SO SMALL BUT WORTH IT Meme

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