Yorubaland is a large tract in the hinterland of Lagos West Africa The Yorubas are said to vary in color from jet black to quite light and in features from the heavy thick cast of countenance to the more delicate and refined There is among them a tradition that their forefathers were of Oriental origin and a large number of American Negroes are said to be of Yoruba stock The nation comprises many tribes and they are both city-dwelling and farming people It is said that the houses of the chiefs often contain as many as fifty rooms decorated with carvings representing symbolic devices fabulous animals and hunting or warlike scenes They have an excellent system of government the power being in the hands of a Council of Elders presided over by a chief The chief must always be taken from members of one or two families and owes his position to a combination of the principles of heredity and election Yoruba is now divided into semi-independent states placed under British protection by the treaty of 1893 The country extends from Benin on the east to Dahomey on the west and contains several large cities some with a population of 40000 httpsdocsouthuncedunehpendletonpendlehtml Image information The Oluwo of Iwo Osun State Nigeria Yoruba king 1890s From the National Archive UK CO 10-69-80-31 Meme

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