Yosimar Reyes Jan 23 at 1018pm love my undocumented people ove us because everyday we wake up to a country that hates us We wake up give thanks to god and go to work We come home watch the news hear how our own TVs deme us criminals we change the channel and pray that tomorrow will be a better day for us When they give us a little breathing room like DACA we make the most of it We are so grateful that often we forget we deserve better We stay low on the radar because we want peace want to exist without the added stress of having to be public about where our spirits ache We just want to work to feed our families and yet we become the scapegoats to a system that is addicted to exploiting the poor I love my undocumented people because the way our spirits are toyed with you need some unfathomable strength I love my undocumented people because we have constantly have had to prove our humanity and we have constantly done it beautifully because to stay human under these conditions you have had to have an understanding of beauty I love us even when our stories are manipulated and exploited love us because at the end of the day somehow we always manage to make something out of nothing There is nothing beautiful about being undocumented nothing at all but y'all mothafukas help me know that no matter how the this country breaks I know strength and strive Dios aprieta pero no ahorca No matter how this country breaks us I know strenght and strive ❤ To those having a rough day may you draw strength 🌒 To those who wake up to this post may you find some light 🌄 undocumentedunafraid heretostay Meme

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