- You are not immune to Killballs Popular List of glitches in the Halo series v•de Halo Combat Evolved Glitches v•de 50 Degree Banshee Fire Air Swimming Aqua Chief Banshee launch • Bullet Hole Glitch Character stretch glitch Clipping Dead Shielded Elite Death by Cryo Tube • Fall damage reduction Floating Assault rifles glitch Floating Plasma Grenade Frozen Elite • Grenade Slide • Headless Master Chief Infinite Ammo Glitch Immobile Banshee• Invincible Marines • Invisible Warthog Ammo • Leak • Multiple Invincible Grunts Mysterious Massacre No Weapon Glitch • Odd Flood Glitch Perpendicular Banshee fire Phantom Flood Whip Riding a Pelican • Shafted Cinematic Glitch • Spelunking • Spinning Gun • Stopping Time • Suspended Dropships The Pillar of Autumn Vacation • Three Weapons Glitch Unarmed Marines • Unlimited Enemies • Unresponsive enemies Wall Hacking • White Weapons Halo 2 Glitches v•d e Aqua Chief Banshee launch • Blinking Corpses • Blue Jackal • Body Separation Glitch Bouncing Items Glitch • Brute Buddies • Butterfly • Button combo • Cairo Station Vacation Character stretch glitch • Charging Needler glitch• Clipping Creepy Cortana Glitch Driverless Banshee Drop Dead on The Great Journey Dual Melee Enemies in Space Glitch Fall damage reduction Fighting Tartarus Without Fighting Brutes • Flipping Warthog Flipping a Phantom • Flying Arbiter Floating Objects Floating in Relic • Flyboy Flying Half-Jaw Freezing Kig-Yar • Frozen 2401 Penitent Tangent • Get Into Sea On Regret Get a Ghost Stuck on the Scarab • Ghosts of Halo • Gravity Throne Hologram Heretic Leader Glitch • Hidden Subtitle in Halo 2• Hidden Weapons on Regret High Charity Conduit • Hitchhiking Flood • Hole in the Highway • Honor Guard Councilor • Hovering Arbiter Glitch Kill Sergeant Johnson Glitch • Infected Brute Glitch • Infinite Shotgun • Invincibility Glitch • Invincible Grunt • Invincible Marines • Invisible Bridge Glitch • Invisible Sentinel Beam • Invisible Turret • Jackals' Unlimited Plasma Pistols • Johnson disappearing on Cairo Station Knock the Prophet of Regret out of his throne MAC Gun Glitch Meet Johnson Early Needler Sentinel • No Weapon Glitch • Oracle Super Jump • Orbital insertion pod glitch Overload Glitch Halo 2 • Overloaded Backwash Permanent invisibility Phantom Glitch on The Arbiter Phantom Riding Glitch Plasma Pistol Glitch • Plasma Rifle Overheat Glitch • Quarantine Zone Floor Glitch • Quarantine Zone Vacation Ridinga Pelican • Ring of Rockets Rtas 'Vadum's Eyes Glitch Silhouette Sword Sliding Flood Slow-motion Grenade • Solid Patch of Air Spectre Jumping • Suicidal Jackal • Super bouncing Suspended Pelican • Swinging Arbiter Glitch • Sword flying • Tank jumping • Telefragging • Teleporting Half-Jaw • Terminal Train • Three Weapons Glitch • Turf Vacation • Unarmed Marines • Unlimited Enemies • Unresponsive enemies • Uprising Vacation • Vehicles in Control Room • Wall Climbing with Vehicles • Wall Hacking Weaponless elite dual wielding • Weaponless Elite Glitch • Save Marines on Sacred lcon Halo 3 Glitches V•de 4-Player Co-op Glitch • 3 Player Local Co-op • Aqua Chief • Arbiter Eye Glitch Artificial Lag Glitch • Arm Glitch • Banshee Hovering Glitch Banshee launch Battle Rifle Ammo Glitch • Blanks in SMG Butterfly CTF Weapons Glitch • Character stretch glitch• Clipping • Corpse Respawn Crow's Nest Entrance Dancing Elite Glitch • Destroyed Vehicles Glitch Disappearing Grenade Glitch • Disappearing Truth • Drive an AA Wraith • Drop Pod glitch • Elephant Flipping Elite Helmet Glitch • Equipment Jumping Flipping a Phantom• Floating VehiclesPlayer Glitch • Floodgate Vacation Flying Dumpster Glitch Forge Turret Glitch Forward Unto Dawn Glitch Frag Tag • Friendly Brutes •Frozen Elite • Ghost Forging Ghosts of Halo Glitches • Half Infected Character Glitch • Hall of Mirrors Halo 3's Invincibility Glitch High Ground Vacation • Hold a Sword like an SMG Glitch Infinite Marines Glitch • Invincible Marines Ledge Jump • Life After Death Load Glitch • Narrows Man Cannon glitch • Mongoose Glitch • Monitor T JokeyPsych T GalaxyQuest T EndgameHonest When you have a blurry vision this is almost impossible to see Meme

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